French Bill on Armenian Genocide: Vichy’s Second Coming

Yesterday the French Senate pushed History towards a Second Coming of Vichy France. By 127 for and 86 votes against, the proposed bill condemning the voicing of doubt, or any questionning, of the Official Truth about the 1915 Armenian Genocide was passed into Law. Offenders face a year in jail and a 45 000 euros fine.

I strongly object to this law not because I refute the historical facts (I don’t) but because it is a direct attack on freedom of speech, supposedly enshrined in the French Constitution and Bill of Universal Rights. I object because denying freedom of speech is the hallmark of dictatorships, and France under Sarkozy has become a model for banana republics. Given that the left-leaning contender for the next presidency, Mr Hollande, also pushed for this bill it is clear that we are not facing a fight between left and right for power, but a fight by the establishment to control and submit the people to its undemocratic will.

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