De l’élite française à l’avenir de l’Europe.

Concours d’entrée à l’ENA 2018: “le jury indique qu’il a choisi de mettre en avant les critères d’authenticité, de sincérité et de sens critique dans sa sélection des 80 lauréats du concours. “Une tête bien faite valant mieux, dans tous les univers professionnels et sous tous les cieux, qu’une tête trop pleine“, le jury explique […]

My french chronicles (3): Books, Big Brother, warplanes and spoof

French politics have become such a farce that it’s getting difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, popular author Emmanuel Todd, has just come up with a new essay entitled “Who is Charlie? Sociology of a religious crisis”, in which he denounces the January 11 grand march (following the January 7 Charlie Hebdo and Hypercasher attacks […]

The National Front, epicenter of french politics

An awful lot is being written and said these days on french-speaking radio, TV, internet and newspapers about the rise of the french National Front (Front National, or FN hereafter) in recent surveys and in last week’s result in local elections (of which the second round will take place this Sunday, hence the turmoil).  The […]