My french chronicles (9): Decision time

We all had a good laugh this week when ex-and-would-be-next-president Sarkozy said that « France, throughout eternity, as always been on the side of the oppressed and always on the side of the dictators, always on the side of the one thrown into prison for believing in his ideas ». (1) Sarkozy is one of the world’s biggest […]

My french chronicles (3): Books, Big Brother, warplanes and spoof

French politics have become such a farce that it’s getting difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, popular author Emmanuel Todd, has just come up with a new essay entitled « Who is Charlie? Sociology of a religious crisis », in which he denounces the January 11 grand march (following the January 7 Charlie Hebdo and Hypercasher attacks […]

My french chronicles (2): Did you say « Front National »?

Putting it very simply, the first round of departmental elections last Sunday saw a fairly strong showing from the far-right National Front (in French: Front National, or FN), around 25%, just behind the Conservative / Center-Right (UMP / UDI) alliance, and in front of the Socialist / far-Left (PS / FdG) alliance. The second round will occur […]