ISIS and US pull-out of Syria: A reply to John R. Allen.

Fighting ISIS and US pull-out of Syria a reply to Brookings Institute President John R. Allen, following his editorial in the Washington Post.

My french chronicles (14): Here we are, George!

Had I known, I would have saved the title of my previous chronicle, « From the killing fields to autocracy« , for today. How relevant that would have been now that we are in a suspended state of democracy. As the islamic killing teams wrought havoc to the parisian nightlife last Friday, the bottomless pit of hypocrisy that […]

My french chronicles (11): 70 years of social security and some tidbits.

France is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its social security system. The philosophical foundation for the existence of such a system, often derided today as seeding the « nanny state », nevertherless still reads like a perfectly modern political programme:

My french chronicles (9): Decision time

We all had a good laugh this week when ex-and-would-be-next-president Sarkozy said that « France, throughout eternity, as always been on the side of the oppressed and always on the side of the dictators, always on the side of the one thrown into prison for believing in his ideas ». (1) Sarkozy is one of the world’s biggest […]