Earthquake in Sarkoland

Continuing our roundup of political events in Sarkoland (aka France under president Nicolas Sarkozy). We left off just before the second round of local elections and a look at role of the National Front (FN) in current politics. These elections were above all marked by a 55% rate of abstention, very high indeed although it […]

News from Sarkoland

The week has been hot for the ruling UMP party, and this week-end is going to be just as hot with the first round of voting in over 2 000 local constituencies. This will be at real test for the two major parties in French politics (conservative UMP and socialist PS) against each other but […]

Surge of the French National Front, an overview

Non-French readers might have heard something about the surge of the french far-right National Front party (Front National, FN for short). Recent surveys gave newly-elected FN leader Marine Le Pen (daughter of historical president and founder Jean-Marie Le Pen) a 24% score in a presidential first round election (scheduled for real in 2012), in front […]

Chronique de la Bêtise n° 3

« Après l’affaire Eric Woerth cet été, il y avait une nécessité d’envoyer des signaux. Il fallait prouver que l’UMP n’est pas le parti des puissants. Le parti a donc décidé de s’afficher aux côtés des classes populaires, à Port-Marly. » Citation de Pascal Perrineau, invité des journées d’été de l’UMP. Port-Marly, cité des classes populaires??? Lire […]