Macron, Le Pen et le national-libéralisme.

L’apparition des deux candidats à quelques heures d’intervalle sur le site de Whirlpool menacé de délocalisation vers la Pologne symbolise, avec un timing parfait, les approches économiques des deux camps, libéralisme d’un côté et nationalisme de l’autre. Nous verrons plus bas que cette dichotomie est peut-être illusoire, mais commençons par une analyse plus classique. Emmanuel […]

My french chronicles (15): Suspended

As with every election since the famous showdown between presidential candidates Jacques Chirac and Jean-Marie le Pen back in 2002, the emergence of the National Front on the ashes of french derilict national governance is having everyone up in arms. It sounds very much as if political agents and press commentators all suffer from deep Alzheimer, […]

My french chronicles (2): Did you say « Front National »?

Putting it very simply, the first round of departmental elections last Sunday saw a fairly strong showing from the far-right National Front (in French: Front National, or FN), around 25%, just behind the Conservative / Center-Right (UMP / UDI) alliance, and in front of the Socialist / far-Left (PS / FdG) alliance. The second round will occur […]

Frédéric Cuvillier, seul ministre en lice, face au FN au second tour

Sans grande surprise, le vainqueur des élections de 2008 à Boulogne-sur-mer, entre-temps devenu Ministre des Transports et de la Mer, arrive en tête (49,82%) du premier tour de ces élections. Certes Mr Golliot du Front National (21,55%) a réussi à forcer un second tour mais il n’y a guère de doute quant à l’issue du […]

The National Front, epicenter of french politics

An awful lot is being written and said these days on french-speaking radio, TV, internet and newspapers about the rise of the french National Front (Front National, or FN hereafter) in recent surveys and in last week’s result in local elections (of which the second round will take place this Sunday, hence the turmoil).  The […]

Surge of the French National Front, an overview

Non-French readers might have heard something about the surge of the french far-right National Front party (Front National, FN for short). Recent surveys gave newly-elected FN leader Marine Le Pen (daughter of historical president and founder Jean-Marie Le Pen) a 24% score in a presidential first round election (scheduled for real in 2012), in front […]